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Welcome to Mindboggle!

The Mindboggle project's mission is to improve the accuracy, precision, and consistency of automated labeling and shape analysis of human brain image data. We promote open science by making all software, data, and documentation freely and openly available.

Citing MindboggleΒΆ

We have an article under review that documents the Mindboggle software and its application to characterize human brain shape variation. In the meantime, please cite the bioRxiv version of this article (or other relevant articles in Papers):

papers/Mindboggle_bioRxiv2016.png A Klein, SS Ghosh, FS Bao, J Giard, Y Hame, E Stavsky, N Lee, B Rossa, M Reuter, E Chaibub Neto, A Keshavan. 2016.
Mindboggling morphometry of human brains.
bioRxiv. doi:

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