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Data used by the Mindboggle software

Mindboggle-101 Data

Welcome to the world’s largest collection of free, manually labeled human brain image data!

The following article describes the brains and labels:
101 labeled brain images and a consistent human cortical labeling protocol
Arno Klein, Jason Tourville. Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods. 6:171.

The Mindboggle-101 data consist of three data sets:
  • individually labeled human brain surfaces and volumes
  • templates (unlabeled images combining the individual brains, used for registration)
  • atlases (anatomical labels combining the individual brains, used for labeling)
These data sets may be accessed below from the Mindboggle101 Harvard Dataverse: Additional Mindboggle-101 data and documents are in Synapse (requires login with an email address), and except where noted, all data are licensed under a Creative Commons License as nifti volumes, vtk surfaces, and FreeSurfer files.